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Motorist Awareness

The fantastic Mother’s Day that almost wasn’t.

My son spent the entire day with us. It really was beautiful. We drove to a number of different areas.

We were in my son’s F150 on one of those trips, traveling on a two lane road, one lane in each direction. There was a white SUV in front of us. Without signaling they slowed drastically and began a left turn.

There was a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction. As they began the turn they slowed even more. Way too slow. It almost seemed like we were watching in slow motion. The motorcyclist had nowhere to go. If he went to his left it was into us. If he went right she was going so slow it was impossible to predict where she’d be. In the middle of the SUV’s turn it was as if they woke up and abruptly turned back in front of us! My son was anticipating the reaction of the motorcyclist while watching the SUV.

I truly felt like I was watching it all in slow motion!

My son moved as far as he could to the right avoiding the SUV from hitting us as they decided NOT to complete their turn. The motorcyclist wobbled severely left and right and somehow managed to remain upright. This person’s mind and thoughts were not on driving. Somehow everyone got through that. I can’t imagine how that motorcyclist felt !!

I know we all have things going on in our day to day lives. But when we get behind the wheel we have to discipline ourselves to focus on what’s around us while we drive. This could have resulted in disaster for many.

So keep your mind on your driving and let everyone have “ a beautiful day in the neighborhood”.
Bob and Barbara Ragonese


Moto GP Champion and extremely talented young man, considered one of the great motorcycle racers of the modern era, lost his life a few days ago. Some may recognize his name, Nicky Hayden. He worked hard to get to the top. Came back from many a crash. Was so well respected in his field. He was 35 years old. Nicky Hayden was from Kentucky.

How sad that a MOTORIST would be the cause of his demise while he was out for a ride on his BICYCLE in Italy.

Have fun, be safe
Bob and Barbara Ragonese

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